Historic Cemeteries

“Thank you so much for the Cemetery and Walking Tours this evening! We had a great time and both learned some history about the area we didn’t know.” – Mary Ann

Tours in Camden, Newcastle, Bath and Wiscasset.

Our Historic Cemetery Tours are by appointment only, please free to call with the date you’d like! $15 for adults, $7 for children under 12, free for children under 5.

Each Historic Cemetery Exploration will focus on the stories of those interred at the cemeteries, their lives and contributions to the area, as well as the symbolism of their tombstones. By personalizing the local history through these people who played a role in that history, guests will get a real feel for the time and area.

A general history of cemeteries, graveyards, and funereal practices will also be discussed. The meaning of some of the symbols on other gravestones will be explained, as well.

“I really appreciate the symbolism of the markings on the stones and the heartfelt epitaphs — sometimes biblical — sometimes written by loving family members,” said Lobkowicz. “You realize in a cemetery that there is so much to life; much of which is told by death in these often weather-worn memorials and the stories etched in their stone faces.”

Each Red Cloak Historic Cemetery Exploration will be held during daylight hours, last about an hour and may be combined with a regular Red Cloak Haunted History Tour. Our Historic Cemetery Explorations are often scheduled only by request, so please do call!

Red Cloak Historic Cemetery Explorations will contribute $1 for each person on the tour to the local cemetery association or historical society, with that contribution included in the tour fee of $15 for adults and $7 for children.

“It’s a great way for the public to enjoy an entertaining and educational tour, while supporting the local historical societies or cemetery associations,” Lobkowicz said.

2019 Schedule is not up yet, feel free to call with your dates!